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WordPress Astra Theme Review: A fast WooCommerce Theme

Why do people love WP Astra theme so much? Why there’s so much hype about WP Astra theme? Is it really a fast WooCommerce theme?

Let’s find out in this WP Astra theme review!

Astra is a simple and utterly customizable light WooCommerce theme developed by Brainstorm Force. WP Astra theme will do many website speed optimization tasks for you. Also, this theme is very fast and SEO friendly. Designed to work with different page builders, WP Astra theme provides options that will fulfill all your needs even if you don’t have any coding knowledge.

WP Astra theme comes with two versions; first the limited free version and the premium Astra Pro version. The premium version of the theme comes with more features and customization options which will make it a fast WooCommerce theme.

Astra WordPress Theme Features:

Speed Optimized WordPress Theme

WP Astra is a very fast WooCommerce theme. Astra’s features page states that the theme loads in just 0.5 seconds. Yes, you read it right, only half a second! It requires less than 50KB of resources. Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript which prevents render blocking jQuery to come in the way and affect performance.

Powerful Design Options

Custom Layout is a feature that is usually reserved for premium themes, and it is so great to be included in the free version of Astra theme.

You can have your sidebar on MOST of your blog posts, but a different on a few posts that go full width. No problem! Astra can do that for you!

Want to put your sidebar on the left for your about us page, but on the right on your blog page? You can do that, well not most of the people do that!

Want to hide your header on a specific landing page? Astra gives an option so that you can tick one box and it’s done. It’s super simple and powerful.

Different Site Layouts

You can change the width of your site’s container.. and the layout of blog posts, pages, archives, and other pages.

If you want a different layout for different pages, posts or archives, you set them quickly in the WP Astra theme. You get the options to decide the spacing of the containers, which make this theme very customizable as per your needs. You can edit the spacing inside and outside the container.


fast woocommerce theme

WP Astra theme supports many options for typography. Including Google Fonts, Custom Fonts, Responsive font size, and text transform. It also has an option for paragraph margins. You can edit the font size in PX and EM.

Compatibility with Page Builder Plugins

The WP Astra theme is built from the core to be perfectly compatible with most of the popular page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and many more.

The feature to add Elementor elements in the header bar is possible with Astra Pro plugin. This is the area which most of the WordPress themes don’t have.

SEO Friendly

Many of the WordPress themes claim that they’re SEO friendly. But only a few of them actually have the code that makes them SEO-friendly according to trending SEO standards.

The most important factor is that the Astra Theme is lightning fast. As you might already know page speed is one of the top ranking factors for SEO.

Also, the WP Astra theme adds schema markup to each and every page on your website by default. You can take this to the next level by using the plugin Schema Pro.

As you may know, implementing schema markup in your web pages is very important for SEO, as it is displaying rich snippets and also showcase your website in knowledge graph.

A Fast WooCommerce Theme

If you ever want to have an online store or a WordPress ecommerce site, then you want to make sure your theme has native support for WooCommerce plugin.

Luckily, WP Astra has it, and gives you plenty of customization options for your online store when you’re ready to launch it!

Summary of the review of Astra theme

fast woocommerce theme

If you’re looking for an easily customizable and fast WordPress theme, you really can’t go wrong with Astra. SEO friendly and ready for all Page Builders, this theme is just perfect for all your needs.

WP Astra theme will give you everything you need, and much more. Customize the layout, shift between different header options, edit colors, backgrounds and much more. This theme is widget-friendly, with up to four areas to place them. Its powerful Add-on pack offers even more options. Compatible with WooCommerce and lots of other plugins, this fast WooCommerce theme will make your life easier.

Requiring less than 50KB resources, Astra is super-fast, with loading speed of around half a second as mentioned above. It’s designed to be super simple, yet it holds lots of different options that you can be sure to find the right fit. Its Astra Starter Sites plugin gives you the opportunity to explore many of the pre-made templates and install one of them to your business website or personal blog. Most importantly, its compatibility with Page Builders means you can do everything with little effort and no coding knowledge.

If there’s a downside to this theme, it’s the fact that you’ll have to pay more if you want to gain full features. However, WP Astra Pro comes at a reasonable price, and it can give you so many options. And, even if you choose to stick with the free theme, you’ll find that it’s enough for your business needs.

WP Astra theme is often compared with the GeneratePress theme. Check it out in the detail here.

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