Divi Theme Review

Divi Theme Review: Is the Divi Theme Free?

Have you ever heard about Divi? We guess you know it but not in a refined form. Well, let us help you to understand what Divi theme exactly is in this Divi Theme Review. Also, let’s find out how much exceptional this specific theme is from the other multi-featured themes. Divi Theme Examples as one of the great and worth multi-purpose theme that is actually a significant combination of advanced graphics, plugins and other modules.

Let’s conclude and check what makes Divi as one of the Elegant Themes, with unique designs, features, and other Divi Builder specifications. We hope our honest Divi Theme Review will help you out to get this theme with great of choices and learnings.

A Preview About Divi Theme, Its Plugins, And Features:

Is the Divi Theme Free?

Well, unlike other wordpress themes, Divi is also featured with some of the essential plugins and features that are available for free. If you are not planning to use Divi with premium plans, then Divi Theme Free with basic is a significant choice that offers enough useful specifications.

However, Divi Theme Price features are more rectified ones that are comprised of almost 86 other themes, six advanced Divi Plugins and more in the yearly premium plan, available in just $89.

Despite this paid pro version of Divi, a significant lifetime access plan is also there, offering all plugins, themes, and lifetime support, usage, etc. These both plans come as in Divi Theme Price list which is worth more than money.

So it is a better choice to spend the single price to get all great themes and plugins from Elegant Themes which is comparatively a profitable deal when talking about Divi Vs. Beaver Builder and more.

Elegant Themes | Divi Child Theme Store:

As the popularity of Divi Themes by Elegant Themes is rapidly increasing, more of the graphics designers and website building professionals are getting prone to the features and framework by Divi that in addition is building the Divi Child Theme more global among the digital world.

Divi Child Theme is a premium frame, that comes with in-built plugins, styles, and other collective basic features which can be easily purchased over the Divi community. Divi online collective store offers many of Divi Child Themes.

However, Divi Child Theme store is a significant marketplace that offers new kind of plugins and features such as Monterey Premier, Elegant Marketplace, Aspen Grove Studios, BeSuperfly, Divi Cake, B3Multimedia, Divi Ultimate, DiviSpace and many other additional google options, plugins, layouts, etc.

How To Choose A WordPress Theme?

As there are countless themes available on the wordpress and to select the ideal one as per the requirement of the project is just a tricky task to deal with. Apart from free choice, premium themes with many useful tools, plugins, and layout give a varied choice for one to categorize the need and deed of the website.

Among numerous types of websites, blogs, magazines, portfolio and more, you can pick a lot of themes, but what make all of us confused, is How To Choose A WordPress Theme? That actually suits the type profile and look we have for users and to gross more of traffic. Well to get you aware with this simple yet difficult aspect, let us insight you with basic elements that help to get right kind of WordPress theme when you are wondering to which is more ideal.

The important aspects of choosing the right kind of wordpress theme are:

  • You should know your business and purpose requirement as prior.
  • You should be well aware of the budget within your requirements.
  • You should opt for the theme which is inherited with the latest codes and plugins to avoid hacking.
  • Go with premium plans of the theme, which automatically get you plenty of plugins, tools, layout, support security, and advance featured updates respectively.
  • Apart from functionality, you should also list up the required features, and you need for your website.
  • Always select a theme which is also significant for mobile and other smart gadgets interfaces.
  • Never opt for a theme which does not have a Good Quality Support.

We hope our mentioned points will help you in a better way of picking up the right kind of wordpress theme for your website. And you won’t get confused with the same question of How To Choose A WordPress Theme?

Divi Builder Review: Divi Vs. Beaver Builder:

If you are wondering, for a new WordPress page builder then might get confused in between, Divi Vs. Beaver Builder, but to choose the best and popular is quite simple, just need a bit of research on both.

divi theme review
Source: Elegant Themes

Let’s us help with some primary yet crucial features and specifications of both, which will definitely get you over an in-depth knowledge about then and you can easily compare Beaver Builder Vs. Divi in a significant way. Check which popular plugin is worth more than its money, and suits best for your website.

Divi Builder:

  1. Pricing: $89 ( Yearly access that includes all Elegant Themes plugins, WordPress themes, and other necessary features.) $249 (Lifetime Access, with all theme, all plugins, lifetime premium support, and unlimited website usage.)
  2. Divi Builder Free Version: Yes, Divi comes with the free version that offers basic features, layout, themes, etc.
  3. Real Time Editor: For sure, Divi comes with real-time editor feature.
  4. Divi’s Frontend And Backend: Yes, comprised of both.
  5. Divi’s Target Audience: Specifically useful for web developers, web designers, and everyday users.
  6. Elements Supported Via Divi Builder: 46 in count, quite so ideal.
  7. Divi Builder’s Pre-made Templates: Well offers more than 100 templates that make it more popular among users.

Beaver Builder:

  1. Pricing: Agency-$399, Pro-$199 and Standard-$99 (The most costly ones is all featured all plugins, world-class support, multisite network settings, advanced page builder plugins, beaver builder themes and also with white labeling. However other two premium plans lack in beaver builder theme, multisite network settings, and white labeling respectively.
  2. Beaver Builder Free Version: Not, Beaver Builder never offers any free version, one needs to go with any of the above-mentioned premium plans for its services and features.
  3. Real Time Editor: Yes it is functional with real-time editor specification.
  4. Beaver’s Frontend And Backend: unlike Divi, beaver is also inherited with both frontend and backend together.
  5. Beaver’s Target Audience: It is significant for web developers and web designers.
  6. Elements Supportive Via Beaver Builder: 31 in the count, comparatively low in number than Divi Builder.
  7. Beaver Builder’s Pre-made Templates: Just offer 50+ in-built templates, which make beaver a less pick up website builder.

Apart from the mentioned parameters, there are many other specifications, in both which makes them unique in themselves but yet when it is about Divi Vs. Beaver Builder, then, of course, Divi ranks dominant among both.

Divi Theme Documentation:

The elegant themes prior to Divi offers a variety of extensive features, basic, modules and much more. Divi Theme Documentation comes with plenty of specified features that help you to get excellent of the website with enough of pick up and required plugins, modules and supportive forums with the useful tutorial that helps to learn and build a versatile website.

Divi Theme Documentation includes:

  • Divi Modules
  • Learning The Basics
  • Using The Builder
  • The Divi Library Customizing Divi
  • Other Features

Is the Divi Theme WooCommerce ready?

Among many of the advanced and uniques features in Divi, one is that it is easily compatible with WooCommerce, and to get integrated with it successfully, you need always need to install the latest version of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce however, is one of the thoughtful set of feature that enables the growth of your website’s products and services, by making it a online store. WooCommerce is a perfect plugin that offers significant specifications to get your business into e-commerce. And when merged with such Elegant Themes like Divi Themes Examples as best to add shop mode on the website.

Let’s talk about the top ten Divi Child Themes suitable for E-commerce:

  1. Royal Commerce
  2. Luxe
  3. Fleur
  4. Shop
  5. Divi e-Commerce
  6. D-Market
  7. Divi Shopper
  8. Store
  9. WooU
  10. Woo

Divi Builder: How To Install Builder?

It is really appreciated that Divi Page Builder has successfully made, Divi Theme more compatible, flexible that automatically enhances its user interface globally and make it popular than others. Secondly what is more praising that, Divi Theme comes with countless of features, plugins, layouts, child theme, and other various kinds of modules and specifications.

Using Divi Builder Plugin, you can extend its features with other available and compatible themes.

Now the question arises, How To Install Divi Builder? Well, to go with integrated part its tricky, yet simple.

Unlike other WordPress plugins, you just need to install and use, quite simple, isn’t. However, Divi Visual Builder is quite some easy and lightweight which offers easy create the option to design a professional website accordingly. This comes explicitly with in-build drag and drop features and works smoothly over the themes.
Moreover, Divi Modules are also quite flexible and easy to customize, enabling adjustable usage anywhere over the page. What crucial is to arrange the content modules, as per the need and choice, you want for your website.

Divi was the most popular WordPress page builder, until elementor came in the picture!

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