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Hotjar Review: A Fastest Visual Way To Optimize Online Business in 2019

Growing up a business online seems easy, but the fact is it not everybody’s cup of tea. However, we are not here to make you feel down about it, especially, the beginners. Here we are claiming it often focusing over Google Analytical standards is just not the calculated decorum, so many other marketing and boasting parameters are needed as well.

If you are looking for accuracy in knowing about the e-commerce trends of your business, then Google analytics with Hotjar will let you offer such boosting power as a supplement for business growth.

History Of Hotjar:

As above we have introduced What, but this recent analytical tool was introduced in 2014-2015 which today is one of the popular tools to help business and marketers to get an accurate check in about business and current trends.

Hotjar review

With so many insights we will let you know about Hotjar specifically, as highlighting many knowledgeable concepts about it, that will surely surprise you with many facts, logistics, and other contexts.

What Hotjar Is All About?

Hotjar gives you an advanced opportunity to grow your business over online platforms, with significant optimizations, usability and other in-depth features like conversion funnels, heatmaps, visitor recording and more.

In fact, Hotjar also enables you with feedback and analysis tools by which you can track up what visitors are clicking and how much time they spend over each page and scrolling as well, which helps you to create more generous aspects to boost online business.

Hotjar gives you an advance opportunity to understand what visitors mostly search and look for without asking for reviews, or feedbacks or other means.

The Incredible Functionality and Features Of Hotjar:

We know it better than, Hotjar is an end-to-end, that gives both analytics and feedback, to aim your online business and marketing targets. It also helps you with the understanding of visitors over your website. Over Hotjar you can enjoy a range of essential features with a single tool over one platform.

However, earlier, all such multiple features were not available together over one like Hotjar, which leads to more costing and other complexity with CRO and other functionalities.

In this respective phrase, we will let you about the best features of Hotjar.

Hotjar Visitor Recording:

Hotjar is the only first ever tool that offers you the option with video recording. It gives a standout choice for you to keep a record of users session to overview how website visitors interact with products and services your site is offering.

Hotjar review visitor recording

In fact, the track up of mouse scrolling and touch can also be experienced to understand your website popularity with visitors perspective. Unlike Hotjar, CrazyEgg and other platform tools also have recently added this unique visitor recording feature for a better understanding of visitors choices over the website.

Hotjar Heatmaps:

This is one of the unique specific option offered by Hotjar, that enable you to know where the visitor clicks over. This analytical heatmap offers you logistic information of the related section which is more scrolled, clicked and picked up by visitors of the website and also provides you the details to know with least attention respectively.

Hotjar Review Heatmaps

It won’t be wrong if we term it up as CTA call to action tool to spot the clicks with maximum and minimum of attention. Hotjar Heatmap is almost similar to CrazyEgg but still have a bit of different functionality. Trace over the click, and attentional webpages, even the mouse movement and hovering over links or else can be easily detected.

Hotjar Conversion Funnels:

Hotjar Review Conversion Funnel

Well, the particular option enables you to check where your site users are dropping off in the mid of conversion process. It allows you a visual overview choice of how visitors insights your weblinks, products or services or why reducing the bouncing rate as well. This is one of the great and extensive features in Hotjar reporting tool gives you the next best reports easily.

Hotjar Feedback Polls:

Hotjar Review Feedback Polls

This specific tool enables you to get over with users feedback specification within analytics in addition to marketing points. It helps you generate website users, and visitors feedback polls where you can ask them why do or do not they take or enroll them for specific website action. It also gives you an incoming feedback poll option in the widget of the site, offering feedback over the experience or query.

Hotjar Recruit Testers/ Test User:

Despite all unique features and specification, Hotjar Login also offers a recruit tester that helps you to add widget or call of action where users and visitors can participate. It enables your users with an active exercise that gives full out basic information.

Hotjar Review Recruit Testers

To go with the more motivational deed for users take action over, an option to attract with a gift voucher or discountable offer can also be done. This user testing option is a Hotjar Basic widget that also helps in minimizing the widget as well.

Hotjar Surveys:

It gives you valuable insight into your business barriers and drivers. This is considered as one of the crucial conversion optimization feature, which is easy to use and offers reliable results to understand the traffic, users, and audience of your website. What you need to ensure, is that all asked questions should be open-ended always.

Common Questions Asked In Surveys to Catch More Audience:

  • What exactly you are looking for the type of services or product over the website?
  • Reasons you stopped using the services offered by our website?
  • What led you to buy and signup over here?
  • What can be done, to make our offered services and products better and platform more easy to surf for?

Form Analysis:

To user Form Analysis by Hotjar is an easy measure aspect that ensures a clear visual form and field engagement. It helps you in letting off the views drop-off and other types of submission statics in a better way.

Hotjar Review Form Analysis

With Form Analysis, you can easily know the fields that took long span to get filled or those which are left blank as well. Even the abandon columns or forms can also be seen clearly, which overall helps you improve your online market strategy, and other completion rates too.

Outshines Of Hotjar Pricing:

Unlike other Hotjar Competitors, Mopinion, MouseFlow, Freshmarketer, CrazyEgg and more, this specific tool offers countless of unique features that make it stand out from the mentioned ones. As Hotjar provides you in-depth end to end solution, that is an ideal service instead of paying it over separated ones.

Hotjar is a significant combination with multiple services under types of plans, let’s scroll over them and check which suits best to whom. Hotjar Pricing with different plans and premiums are quite pocket-friendly to other Hotjat Alternatives options.

Hotjar Basic Plan:

Obviously, to start with is the basic plan offered by Hotjar, which is freely available for all users. This is, however, a low traffic generator for the website, who are stepping in setting up of sampling over such kinds of tools.

What Basic Plan Offers?

Hotjar Heatmaps: Givers you a choice with three snapshots, of 1000 page view each.

Video Recordings: Enables you with 300 recordings of 100 at one time.

Hotjar Funnel: Provides three funnels, with unlimited data collectivity option.

Forms: Helps you with 3 Form Analysis within 1000 sessions each.

Other Features: Polls, Survey, Recruit Testers, Incoming Feedbacks and more.

The availability of data for recordings of heatmaps, videos, funnels, etc. is for one year and rest others are available for an indefinite time. And if the traffic exceeds up to 2000 with per day page views, the collective data automatically distributes.

Hotjar Plus Plan:

Now after free plan, all other plans need an expenditure of few bucks to get more of the specified features, and with such outcome. This Plus Plan of Hotjar Cost $29 every month and offers you unlimited usage of all the tools and features.

What Plus Plan Offers?

Hotjar Heatmaps: It gives an unlimited choice for every 2000 page view.

Video Recordings: You can go with 2000 recordings each.

Hotjar Funnel: It offers you a choice with unlimited funnels for unlimited data usage.

Forms: Unlimited with 2000 sessions all.

Other Features: Add a note, recordings and even can enable JavaScript Triggers.

However, if you exceed the page view limit of 10,000, then data collection will be automatically synchronized via sampling. And when you reach the plan limit, you can have an option to delete your collective data, not in use or else you can upgrade the Hojar Business Plan.

Hotjar Business Plan:

If you are opting for Hotjar Business Plan, then it offers many features as according to cost. The Hotjar Pricing for this specific plan of Hotjar Cost $89 every month, and personally, we will recommend this business plan for business owners, who are looking for high traffic with exceeding of 30,000 pages view per month.

What Business Plan Offers?

Hotjar Heatmaps: It gives you an option with unlimited insights for 10,000 page views per month.

Video Recording: You can also get unlimited video recording option for every 5,000 recordings.

Hotjar Funnels: Offers unlimited funnels for unlimited data available.

Forms: You get unlimited form feature for every 5,000 sessions per month.

Other Features: Polls, Surveys, Recruit Testers, etc. gets unlimited recording option for unlimited audience responses.

Moreover, this same plan also offers you more specific add on functions such as removing of Hotjars from shared heatmaps, incoming feedbacks, and other recordings. It also enables quality optimization and integration feature. In this plan, you can also change the style of incoming feedbacks with new emojis too. It gives a feedback tool over polls, survey, recruit testers and more.

How To Use Hotjar For Shopify:

Unlike wordpress and Shopify is also a leading platform that deals with e-commerce boasting over 800,000 stores globally. To come up with Shopify is quite so easy but drive a stable track over sales, marketing, business, and other online task need strategy.

And to trickier with more users feedbacks and reviews, Hotjar plays a vital role that makes your website a better place for users to buy and get your products or services. This user feedback analytical tool offers you a couple of benefits like heatmaps, incoming feedbacks, forms, recordings and more as mentioned above to empower the sales and business.

Five Ways That Enables Hotjar Shopify to Boost E-commerce:

  • Go with conversion funnels that will help you get details about the high exit pages
  • Use heatmaps to understand the best, worst and excellent elements on your web pages, it records the scrolling, clicking and more of the users call to action activity.
  • Opt for video recordings, that enables you to record the visitors browsing experience to know your website patterns and users interests too.
  • Survey options will allow you to have a clear and transparent interaction with customers and visitors of your website within feedbacks, questions and more.
  • Hotjar Shopify‘s conversion and recruiter tester allow you to develop more optimizing ideas to build your e-commerce a more successful business.

Hotjar With WordPress:

As wordpress holds numerous similar feature tools and plugins but not you can go with Hotjar WordPress plugin option as well. It is accessible to the addition of Hotjar code in your wordpress site. This whole process of Hotjar WordPress plugin copy the site id from Hotjar admin and start with heatmaps, recordings, incoming feedbacks, survey and more. In fact, using of Hotjar WordPress tool helps you in improving the website’s UX

Hotjar Vs. Fullstory:

We have mentioned enough of information about Hotjar, but how come, almost similar tools like Fullstory stands out from the queue, let check in short review:

  • The fullstory dashboard gives you many features and options such as:
  • live user tracking option
  • Inspection and Insight mode with click maps
  • well organized, shatter shared and add note option.
  • It comes with three different plans such as free plan, professional plan and enterprise plan respectively.

Now to term up between Hotjar Vs. Fullstory is only depended, over the availability that comes with moreover usability and features. An in-depth compare is always necessary when you are looking for almost the same plugins and tools to boost e-commerce.

Inspectlet Vs. Hotjar:

If we scroll up over the surveyed features and options available on both the plugins, then to catch up best is quite clear. So the Inspectlet Vs. Hotjar description by us will help to choose the best. Let us give a brief about Inspectlet now.

Unlike Hotjar, Inspectlet offers you both of its free and premium paid plans, with usability testing, tracking, and real-time analysis as well. However, Inspectlet lags little behind than Hotjar but still have significant features that are unique and helpful for e-commerce. As like Hotjar, Inspectlet never gets a lead over any lead company in many web categories such as shopping, internet, telecom, and more, so also not that popular among business owners.

Hotjar is popular in nations like USA, UK, Brazil, and 212 more countries, but Inspectlet is just popular in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Hotjar Vs. Smartlook:

If we talk about the newest trends, then a complicating attempt of Hotjar Vs. Smartlook is never-ending. As Smartlook is free to use but is quite behind over the featured segments as compared to Hotjar. In fact, Smartlook hasn’t got any of the lead with website categories, so it is not that popular. If we talk about the geographical leads, then Smartlook yet not got over any of the nations worldwide.

A Short Insight About Hotjar Vs. Google Analytics:

If we deep compassion about business intelligence software is there, then it is so pronounced to go with a comparison of Google Analytics Or Hotjar for e-commerce. Google analytics gives you an overall performance with features 8.6 in rank which is low than Hotjar’s active performance. It gives you a detailed structure about websites insights, traffic, performance, and much more. With this, you are enabled to track and plan up with more specified statistics to boost e-commerce trade.

In spite, like Hotjar, Google Analytics comes with plans and premiums that offers a variety of plugins to monitor sales, email marketing, PPC, and more. However, the basic plan is free of charge for all users.

Final Thoughts About Hotjar:

We are sure of, as our guided review over Hotjar will help to get packed in-depth information about Hotjar Login, its plugins, and features, etc. Our mentioned parameters over Hotjar Alternatives and Hotjar Competitors will also get you a brief of offers and specifications to choose the right plugin to increase the sales and marketing online. This tool comes with many of rectified and logistics features that for sure lower the risk of falling in e-commerce if you are focused, well planned with online business strategies.

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