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Squarespace Review: A New Platform To Develop Stylish And Trendy Website

Welcome to our Squarespace Review! Squarespace is popular for its advanced customization tools and sophisticated design templates. But do you deserve that popularity?

More than one million users pay to continue using Squarespace after testing it for free for 14 days. Which is unequivocal proof of the quality of the results it offers.

If you want your website to look professional and attractive, and seem expensive, Squarespace could be the perfect web editor for you. Below is the complete Squarespace Review.

Advantages Of Squarespace:

1. Unique Squarespace Templates:

Squarespace Review
Source: Squarespace.com

Spectacular and professional Squarespace Templates to make your website stand out. Squarespace offers a good selection of exquisitely designed templates that catch your eye instantly, and that is precisely the purpose of your website. The templates cover a broad spectrum of styles and sectors, but all have a sophisticated and minimalist design that gives full prominence to the photographs.

2. Smart Move And Accessibility Over Smart Devices:

Templates adaptable to mobile devices that make your site look perfect on phones and tablets. Squarespace adjusts your site automatically to adapt it to the touch screens on which it is displayed, regardless of its size. At no time do you have to create a mobile version of your site?

3. Easy And Flexible Customization:

Total flexibility in customization, no need to program. The Squarespace style editor allows you to customize your template using drag-and-drop controls that do not require programming skills.

This editor gives you total control over fonts, colors, the opacity of images, the width of the sidebar, background images, sizes and layout of almost any element of your Squarespace website.

Is Squarespace Perfect For You?

If you want a website whose design draws attention, Squarespace is an excellent option, regardless of the sector in which you operate. Squarespace is ideal for anyone looking for a visually stunning website. You do not need design or programming knowledge, but good photographs could help you.

For What Types Of Sites Is Squarespace Better?

Squarespace is perfect for small online stores, but may not live up to your expectations if your goal is to sell internationally. In this case, you should try Shopify or Bigcommerce.

Its templates are designed to be loaded with photographs, so if you do not have (or do not care) high-resolution images, you could miss them.

What we can say with total security is that Squarespace is an excellent option for websites of photography, art, and blogs.

Squarespace Review
Source: Squarespace.com

Its templates are unbeatable for its visual elegance, which makes it the perfect web editor if you work in the creative sector.

This is our short list of professionals and businesses, and we recommend you to opt directly for Squarespace to create your site. Click on one of the visits a related Squarespace page.

  • Small businesses and online stores
  • Artists and graphic designers
  • Photographers
  • Bloggers
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Musicians
  • Wedding organizers … and couples!

Is Squarespace Easy To Use?

Creating a website with Squarespace is easy … if you know how.

Squarespace Review
Source: Squarespace.com
  • In Website Builder Expert, it is not enough for us to test the editors of web pages and tell you if they are easy to use or not: we also need sincere and impartial opinions.
  • For this, we have asked ordinary people to try Squarespace and rate it according to how easy it seemed to use it.
  • Although it was relatively simple to most, it seemed a bit harder to use than other web publishers. In particular, getting acquainted with your style editor takes some time.
  • It is a drag-and-drop type editor, but it is not as simple as Wix. It could be said that it is based more on sections, each of which contributes something different to your web pages (e.g., a header image, contact form or text block).
  • Luckily, Squarespace allows you to change your template whenever you want.
  • The style editor offers multiple options, but its design is quite simple, which facilitates navigation. Click on an element of the template that you have chosen, and the left sidebar that presents the customization options will show only the options available for that element.
  • The style editor of Squarespace and the other customization tools are straightforward to use once you get in full, but you will save a lot of time of tests and errors if you preview videos of help.

What Quality Do The Squarespace Templates Offer?

The designs offered by Squarespace are much higher than those that other web page editors include.

We think that the Squarespace templates are incredible.

Squarespace does not offer hundreds of templates like some of its competitors (it only includes a little more than 60), but it puts quality before quantity.

The templates have been carefully selected to meet high demands and meet the design principles of Squarespace: simplicity, elegance and quality photographs.

Squarespace has ensured that it is modest yet meticulously selected collection covers a broad spectrum of sectors. It offers pre-designed templates for art collections, online stores, blogs, weddings, restaurants, and other sectors.

In general, the Squarespace templates assume that you have a good inventory of high-resolution photographs to fill the huge boxes. If not, you could not include the sample photographs, but you could include your partner, Getty Images.

What Is The Right Plan For My Type Of Business?

How much do I have to pay in Squarespace to have everything I need? When I first started my business and created my website on this platform, the personal plan gave me everything I needed.

But at the end of last year, Squarespace Pricing made several adjustments to its pricing plans and, from my point of view; the personal plan has been minimal.

The personal plan really can only work well for those who need a website to create a portfolio of their work, start a personal blog or design a site that does not require much customization or integrate with other more advanced tools. For example, for a local business as a restaurant.

Squarespace Review
Source: Squarespace.com

As every platform is not intended for absolutely all types of projects, but it works for most of my clients. This platform is quite popular in the United States and other English-speaking countries.

It is effortless to design your own website because they use the “drag and drop” system in which you have a series of blocks like the ones in the image that will allow you to add content easily.

I designed the page of a team of real estate agents using the personal plan and, since a good part of their marketing strategy is offline, it has worked well for them.

But if you are looking for your website to serve as the home for an online business, you want to implement content marketing strategies, e-mail marketing and you need to integrate other pieces of software, you definitely need to be in the business plan or any of the created for online stores.

Squarespace does not handle free plans like other platforms. After the trial period, you must acquire a payment plan.

For this reason, there are no subdomains, that is, you cannot have a web your business.squarespace.com, but you will have your own domain, whether you buy it in conjunction with your plan. Squarespace offers a year of the free domain, if you buy an annual plan (costs 20 USD per year in addition to the payment of your plan from the second year), or you can integrate the domain you have acquired with an external provider.

All plans include secure and high-power hosting, SSL security, unlimited storage, and premium customer service.  The prices of this platform are divided between those offered for web sites and those provided for online stores.

Ideal Plans For Websites:

The significant differences between the PERSONAL plan (of 16 USD per month or 144 USD per year) and the business (of 26 USD per month or 216 USD per year) are:

  1. The ability to include collaborators (2 in the PERSONAL plan, unlimited in the BUSINESS).
  2. The discount for G-Suite included in the BUSINESS plan.
  3. The possibility of selling from your website that only has the BUSINESS plan.
  4. The ability to personalize using CSS and JavaScript that only has the BUSINESS plan.
  5. The possibility of integrating advanced tools that only the BUSINESS plan has.

Which Is More Significant, Squarespace vs. WordPress:

However, when it comes to eCommerce and creating a large online store for physical products, I think that platforms like Shopify or WordPress + WooCommerce can be a better alternative. Especially in countries where Stripe, the payment processor used by Squarespace is still not working.

For digital products, services, and even some physical products, it is easy to turn around using PayPal or to integrate with Kichink, but if all your business model is eCommerce and in your country, there is no way to open a Stripe account. If you are in a country supported by Stripe, and you are going to manage eCommerce. My suggestion is that you start with a BASIC plan (which costs 30 USD per month or 312 USD per year).

If the platform works for you as you wish, then you can ask yourself. If you need the most sophisticated functions of the ADVANCED plan (from 46 USD per month or 480 USD per year).

Between the differences of one plan and another one is:

  1. Automatic recovery of the shopping cart for the ADVANCED plan.
  2. Automatic discounts without the need for coupons from the ADVANCED plan.
  3. The generation of gift cards offered by the ADVANCED plan.

Squarespace Vs. WordPress And Why I Chose Squarespace:

Comparing Squarespace and WordPress is a difficult subject. To say that one is better than the other would not be fair without first determining the needs of the client and who will manage the page when it is ready.

Both platforms are excellent for creating web pages. But each one has its pros and cons, and we must understand them well in order to make the best decision. After all, I’m sure it would be very frustrating to choose the wrong platform and have to make the page again.

In this guide I will cover the most critical points to make the decision:

  • Easy to use
  • Design and aesthetics
  • Flexibility and customization
  • Maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Price

Squarespace Vs. Shopify Squarespace eCommerce Review:

Shopify is for serious sellers. It’s the best platform for large or ambitious online stores requiring powerful eCommerce tools. It’s our top-rated eCommerce website builder, designed specifically for selling online. For that reason alone, it should come as no surprise Shopify is the overall winner today.

However, like anything in life, it’s not for everyone. While it is the overall best eCommerce builder, it may not suit your products, fit your budget. Or simply match your style. In the other corner, you have this Squarespace Review. Known as an ‘all-round’ website builder, it comes with some added eCommerce features if you’re looking to sell online. These sales tools are less advanced than Shopify, but it’s more affordable.

Squarespace is also the king of design. So, if you’re looking to just sell a few products online with some lovely templates to match, then it might be the builder for you. But how do you choose between Shopify and Squarespace? Well, you’ll be glad to hear we’ve made things easier for you. We thoroughly researched each builder, digging up each platform to see how they perform in key areas of selling online. We also asked people just like you to test them to get another point of view.

Squarespace Vs. Wix Website Builder Comparisons:

With over 500 free design templates for you to choose from, Wix has extensive range templates across many different industries. So if you have a specific look in mind, or you just need some design inspiration. You’ll have a much easier time finding that with Wix.

Final Verdict Squarespace Review:

Hope the above guide of Squarespace and its related unique specifications will surely help to know how reliable and easy this website builder platform is. This website builder comes with countless of features and templates. Now you can decide which platform is good for you and you can easily choose from Squarespace and Shopify. We hope our Squarespace Review will boost up your knowledge about this advanced website builder.

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