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Wix Review: Is Wix Good for Blogging?

What Makes Wix Stands Out From Other Cloud-Based Website Building Services? Is it completely customizable? Is Wix Any Good? Is WordPress or Wix better? Is it one of the best hosted ecommerce platforms? Let’s find out through this Wix review.

As there are numerous of cloud-based services, Wix still stands out saying that you can create professional websites without any technical knowledge.

Website building is somehow a perfect solution to boost small trades and business. But always hiring of professional team or individual is just not possible.And during such struggling deeds, easy access and reliable website builder is a fair enough aspect.

However, with the evolution of technological advancements in the digital world, website builder is quite so common yet a necessary solution for startups. Whenever we talk about cloud-based website builder, it is just not possible to forget about Wix. However, there are some popular web building interfaces like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, Bold Grid and more, then to neglect the highlighting of Wix, which is a new trend in same.

Wix is not new but coming up with the future in website builder solutions. That will surely make no difference but still stand out in some parameters from others. To scroll with hacks, reliability, Vs. And other aspects about Wix Review, let’ us just bring you with what exactly is Wix all about?

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In this blog, specifically, we are going to highlight about Wix Review which now one of the popular website building platform. And how product it is in creating a unique, theme-based site accordingly.

What Is Wix?

Like other cloud-based services, Wix also allows you to design, create and build your own style website easily. It offers end to end solutions in website building like WordPress with aspects of the domain name, hosting, templates, CMS, plugins and tools, e-commerce functionalities and other support solutions respectively.

In the year 2006, Wix was founded, now Wix is one of the leading website building companies, holding 1,800 employees and more than 120 million users. In fact, Wix offers its services to a large set of users yet long term security related to organization folding and merging up of the website as well. Wix offices are however located in various parts of the world such as the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, and more.

In fact, if you choose to get over with Wix sites than you need to struggle with apps and other custom codings as it gives you a significant solution with both. What you can start up with two different ways in Wix, either with “Wix Editor,” that allows selecting your kind of template, also creates the basic structure for your website, and then get populated with required content as well.

What another is an ideal alternative service, that you can opt for “Wix ADI” mode, popular as Artificial Design Intelligence. Which automatically picks up and creates a customizable website for you with complete solutions of images, videos, and text respectively. This wholesome process is just done after asking a series of few questions about you, your brand or company, what your business is all about over the web. And what product and services you will serve to people.

What is so best about Wix is that both of its ways that are Wix Editor and Wix ADI are significant solutions especially for those who are not skilled with web development learnings. That why also known as “Wix Code” (in beta), offers easy access to the platform to create a unique, website with a specific collection of data and dynamic pages. However, Wix Codes Reviews needs additional knowledge for excellent functionality.

What Functionality Wix Offers To You?

Creating the website with Wix is simple, quick and easy, as with few steps and drag and drop interfaces you can get your own web link to deal with business firmly. Is wix good for blogging? Let’s find out.

Wix ecommerce Review
WSource: https://www.wix.com/

Wix Website Examples can be used for:


  • Hosting of an online forum
  • The building of online stores to sell products or services.
  • Appointment and Booking solutions.
  • The collecting of contact details or else.
Wix Features
Source: Wix.com

Is Wix Free? Does it Offer Many Features?

However, all of the plugins, features, and tools are just not free but need to be paid within premium to bring smoother running off-site. Wix offers its users, 9 Wix plans, one if free and other eight plans with paid premium features. Wix Pricing Table is divided with the addition of more features, and specifications that supports grossing of trade and business over the digital sphere easily.

Wix Free Plan:

It offers you a choice to use its all 500 Wix Templates, free hosting, 500MB bandwidth storage, but not the domain feature.

It limits the bandwidth storage as compared to other paid plans, but the available 500 MB bandwidth of storage is quite sufficient for beginners and startup planners. Wix free plan also includes specification to make clips, images, and even uses icons by Wix itself or can also add Wix app market (free or paid whatever, you prefer.)

Wix Connect Domain Plan ($5 per month):

If you are looking for paid plan apart from free features, then you can opt for “Connect Domain Plan”, that offers you the option to pick up the right kind of domain name, a unique but suitable web address such as, “www.abc.com” rather than sub-domain name with Wix like, “www.wix.com/abc.com”. This plan also offers you 500MB storage and 1 GB bandwidth respectively.

In addition to this, the Connect Domain Plan never offers to get rid of Wix advertising.

Wix Combo Plan ($11 per month):

If you adopt the Wix Combo Plan, it will automatically remove the Wix brand advertising feature from the website. This adds more charm to the site as removes the prominent feature of advertisement. This Wix Combo Plan also offers its users a free domain registration for the year. In addition, all serves with 3GB storage and 2GB bandwidth of storage specifically.

Over with this Wix combo plan, users will get the option for uploading of 30 minutes video to Wix which seems quite profitable especially for vloggers and bloggers like over Youtube.

Wix Unlimited Plan ($14 per month):

Personally, I will suggest this Wix Unlimited Plan as one of the cheapest ones that give you enough of options and features to create and build right kind of website to run a small online business with an ideal design of the site.

However, these plans allow users to collect information from the visitors, using your website within custom web forms. The available web forms are crucial for small business owners, who want to build up an email list with the respective newsletter or other updates related to the business over the email of the users.

Alternatively, this same plan also offers users “Ad Vouchers” of almost $300, that can be used to buy and pay for advertising with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and other local listings. It also provides easy access to the site booster app, by AppSharp to explore website link over various search engines.  This Wix Unlimited Plan also holds with 10GB storage and unlimited bandwidth, with almost 1-hour video uploading feature.

Wix Pro Plan ($19 per month):

This particular website building plan offers more of the storage, video uploading, and other features more than even the Wix Unlimited Plan. It gives unique access to logo making tool, customizing social media icons, a calendar tool, etc.

Wix VIP Plan ($19 per month):

The VIP Plan is almost similar to the Wix Pro Plan, what makes a little difference is just that it offers users with higher priority support with additional customer services of worth $10 every month as VIP services. In despite this, users will also get one time review by Wix experts, which is also available in e-Commerce plan.

Wix Business Basic Plan ($20 per month):

Among Wix Pricing Tables, “Business Basic Plan” is also an affordable one that suits every small business company and comes with countless features and options. It notifies users or small brands with excellent e-commerce facilities so nominates Wix as one of the Best Hosted e-Commerce Platforms over website building.

However, it is unlike the “Unlimited Plan,” that allows users to accept online payment and also serves with better connectivity with Google Analytics. What makes it stand out from other premium plans is the availability of 5 hours video uploading option, with more unique features beneficial for trade and business over the internet.

Wix Business Unlimited Plan ($25 per month):

Wix Business Unlimited Plan is almost similar to the “Business Basic Plan” with just one additional feature of logo making tools and option with customized social icons. However, it also offers 35 GB storage capacity and video uploading of 10 hours.

Wix Business VIP Plan ($35 per month):

This business VIP package is a complete suite that delivers more storage limits with 50GB storage and unlimited video length for hours. What makes a difference is the paying of extra bucks in more offers and supports.

Registration Of Unique Domain Name Through Wix:

Users can get over an easy domain name via Wix or even connect with already purchased one. If you are looking for registration process within a new domain name, then you will get 1-year domain registration voucher for free with Wix paid for plan offers.


However, if you have already owned a domain name and decides Wix a platform to create a website, then it is also a lucrative offer that comes with predominant Wix Pricing Tables respectively.

Wix Hosting Is Significant Choice To Develop Website:

It is like mandatory to use Wix’s free hosting services as prior deed. If the site is charging with offers of monthly fees for the website you are designing, it needs a bit of marketing that completes as fee known as hosting fee or can also be known as Wix Paid For Plan services.

Wix Mailboxes Via G Suite Great Helpers In Business Strategies:

Either can purchase off the email mailboxes via Wix, which are actually provided by G Suite or even can be configured with Wix domain’s  DNS setting options, offering end-to-end email solution.

You can easily purchase email account via Wix within the pricing of USD 5 per month/mailbox, available with discountable annual payment plans. It also supports with 30Gb storage of inbox and sufficient cloud storage space.

If you are looking for external mailboxes, then need to go with paid-for-plans offers.

Wix Offers Countless Templates And Designs:

Wix gives its users a wide choice of more than 500 free Wix Templates and designs, which is so advantageous that all of them are available for free. The availability of Wix Templates is however divided in more appealing and professional looks that suits everyone to have right kind of website.

wix ecommerce vs shopify
Source: Wix.com

Templates are thoughtful creations, with unique fonts, layouts spaces that gives users a choice pick and create the high quality of the website.

In prior to photography, Wix also comprised of the extensive collection of high-resolution quality images and photographs that looks professional shots and even are freely available. In fact, direct access to Shutterstock and Getty Images with Wix Editor is also given by the site.

Wix Gives Animation Functions As Well:

You can easily create or choose add functions such as parallax scrolling, animations, video backgrounds that give the site a more interesting look. However such mobile moves are disabled in small devices to improve the visibility of the created website.

Wix Content Management And Interface Options In Building Of Websites:

Wix offers the main options for creating the right kind of websites. These are:

  • Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)
  • Wix Editor
  • Wix Code
Wix Editor
Source: Wix.com

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI): This is an easy mean that can be used by anyone. It gives you a significant option by asking some basic questions to create and build the kind of website you are looking for with the collective information. Even drag and drop user interfaces will also give the automatic layout of the pages of the site.

Wix Code
Source: Wix.com

Wix Editor: It needs just some of the primary computing skills which almost equivalent to Microsoft layout of the newsletters. It gives you the flexibility to customize the picked up layouts but with some limitations of HTML/CSS solutions.

Source: Wix.com

Wix Code: Well Wix Code Review is something that is highly configured with the creations of the website as prior to the database collected. It generates a separate Database spreadsheet with many web pages that are automatically fetched and designed by most popular picked up Wix Templates. It also adds javascript Application Program Interfaces (APIs) and other personalized page designs/features.

However, Wix Code is a complete technical aspect that also gives you a possibility to hire a professional web developer to customize the site ideally.

Wix e-Commerce Review:

If you are looking for significant access with online selling and marketing website, Wix Business Plan is a pretty good option to search for as a small business hold or an entrepreneur as well.

Core e-Commerce Functionality In Wix:

As Wix e-Commerce Reviews the functionality that is quite supportive in the US only where you can easily:

Sell an unlimited range of products (digital or physical), in numerous categories.

Filter and sort the availability of the products.

Manage the store with available resources and products from smart devices even a mobile application.

Track up the information of the products through FedEx, UPS, USPS, and other domestic or international carriers.

Offers the users and customers to track with real-time shipping calculations via specific carriers especially in Brazil and the US.

Wix also gives its users flexible tax and shipping services with set up of Wix Pricing Tables per region.

Integration of Wix With Other Social Apps:

Wix also supports app market option which gives significant support to 250 apps and over, made bt Wix itself or else by the third parties. However, most of the available apps need the bit of buck investment as are only usable with monthly subscriptions or even have limited operational features in free versions. The app market is open with options of feedbacks; customers online chat, calendar, pop-ups, events, boosters, pro gallery and more.

Wix Vs. WordPress:

Well whenever we talk about cloud forum serving in website building, WordPress get a strike with more popularity than Wix. In-depth if we talk about the comparisons of Wix Vs. WordPress, claiming one high and one less is entirely not fair until know them individually.

Unlike other website building solutions, WordPress also serve multiple advanced features and options that are ideal for creating and designing the right kind of site for the business type. Even the supportive tools, plugins, and other designing options won’t let WordPress stand out from the rank of Best Hosted e-Commerce Platforms.

As above we have described about the Wix Review and its related information about features, plans and tool options. Now it is the time to highlight about WordPress in specific.

WordPress Two Versions:

This website building platform comes with two kinds of versions. These are:

Hosted WordPress- available at WordPress servers, wordpress.com-a software as a service tool (Saas)

Self-hosted WordPress-available at wordpress.org can be easily modified because it is an open source.

Which Is Most Popular, Wix or WordPress?

When to calculate the number of people using Wix, WordPress or else website building platform, it is quite mandatory to check over the services, features, and other details as well. The massive number of choices among templates, fonts, images, themes, plugins, and tools are solely responsible for deciding the user base and its popularity.

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    1. I believe you are talking about WordPress. Yes, they are some plugins which provide additional security to your WordPress site. We will add reviews about such plugins as well. 🙂

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