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Woocommerce Orders Export Plugin Review : Order, Coupon, Subscription Export Import

If you own a WooCommerce store, you would be familiar dealing with your store’s orders, coupons, subscriptions, etc., on a daily basis. Often you search WooCommerce orders export csv.

But, there come certain situations that require you to either export or import data to and from your store. It is not as easy as it sounds as this data is very important for your store and you can’t risk losing them.

Although WooCommerce provides you with its built-in import-export feature, you will find it inadequate as your store grows. Now you are left with your only choice – adding an import-export plugin to your store.

I came across WebToffee’s Order/Subscriptions/Coupons Import-Export plugin that is an all-in-one solution using which you can import or export important WooCommerce data such as orders, subscriptions, and coupons to and from your store using a CSV/XML file.

In this article, I will put this plugin to test and give you a detailed review.

What’s WooCommerce Orders Export Plugin Capable of?


woocommerce orders export csv

The plugin comes with certain advantages over other plugins that make it the best choice in the market. Here is what makes the plugin the best option when it comes to WooCommerce order, coupon, and subscription data import and export.

  • It lets you import and export all these data to and from a CSV file.
  • When it comes to orders, the plugin supports XML import and export as well, i.e. woocommerce orders export to csv
  • Scheduled Import and Export via FTP/SFTP using Cron Job.
  • It helps you to carry out bulk updates.
  • Supports multiple shipping services like Stamps.com, UPS WorldShip, FedEx & Endicia.

How the Order/Coupon/Subscription Import Export Plugin Works?

This plugin is a great option as it can manage the import and export of orders, coupons, and subscriptions alone, which you can expect only from a few plugins. If you are migrating from an eCommerce store to a new one, this plugin will definitely come in handy.

You can make use of the export feature either you are migrating your store or if you want to keep a backup of your store’s valuable data. The plugin lets you export order, subscription and coupon data to a CSV file. Unlike other WooCommerce data, order data supports both CSV and XML file types.

For the import of WooCommerce data (orders, coupons, subscriptions) to your online store, you must create a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file which contains information about mapping fields in a tabular form.

You can create a CSV file by using a spreadsheet program, such as Excel, or Google Spreadsheets. Save this file with extension.CSV.  After entering all details about Subscription Orders in the spreadsheet, you can import subscription orders to your online store. With this plugin, you can also export subscription order details as a CSV file.

Once you are done with the installation of the plugin, navigate to Dashboard > WooCommerce > (and choose from)Order Im-Ex /Coupon Im-Ex, Subscription Order Im-Ex/Order XML Im-Ex as you prefer.

woocommerce orders export

Let’s learn what follows when you click on each of these tabs.

Order Im-Ex (WooCommerce Orders Export)

This is the section to export orders from the WooCommerce store or import from any other e-commerce platforms. The plugin exports your store’s orders to a CSV file so that you can import it later. Apart from import and export, you can merge or update thousands of existing orders using one file and save your precious time.

One important point to note is that while importing products from a CSV file, it requires it to be UTF-8 encoded and in the format as specified by the plugin.

Coupon Im-Ex

This feature is really helpful if your store offers coupons to your customers. Then there will be a ton of coupon data. You can securely import or export these data to and from your store with the help of this plugin’s easy user interface. Apart from the WooCommerce store, you can import coupon data from any other eCommerce store as well.

Besides that, if you ever need to update coupon data you can do so easily by making use of the merge feature of this plugin.

Subscription Im-Ex

If you wish to import or export subscription orders, you may do so easily with the help of this plugin. The plugin lets you export orders based on order statuses, emails, products or coupons. It enables you to not only import orders from WooCommerce stores but other eCommerce stores as well.

Apart from the import and export of orders you can also update/merge existing orders of your store. This feature would be a huge time saver for you as you can easily update hundreds and thousands of Subscription Orders using just one file.

Order XML Im-Ex

Using this feature you can either import or export orders in XML file format. Thus the plugin makes it flexible to either import or export orders in both CSV and XML file formats. This is a huge flexibility you can make better use of.

Use Case:

The plugin has several use cases. I checked how this plugin can be used to export orders with specific dates. Here is how I did it using this plugin.

Export Orders that Belong to Specific dates or Date Range

You can easily export the orders that belong to a specific date or date range by navigating to WooCommerce > Order Im-Ex > Orders > Export from your dashboard.

woocommerce orders export

woocommerce orders export

In the highlighted space you can choose the start date and end date for the export orders. Then you can click on Export Orders (CSV)/Export Orders (XML). This will download an export file in the selected format on your local computer.

Here is a screenshot of the WooCommerce orders export CSV file.

woocommerce orders export csv

The highlighted column shows all the orders made on the date 2020-03-13.

Other use cases of the plugin include

  • Product-based order export
  • You can filter orders by order statuses, coupons used, products ordered, etc.
  • Excluding exported orders in a new export
  • Setting up WordPress cron job when site activity is less.
  • Exporting WooCommerce orders to excel.

You can learn more about these use cases by visiting the documentation page of the plugin.

A Few Final Words

Orders, coupons, and subscriptions are an integral part of any WooCommerce store. As your store grows it gets difficult for you to manage them. Thus seeking extra help in the form of a plugin will make your store’s performance more efficient and save a ton of your time.

Going for an all-in-one plugin will not only be affordable but easy to manage as well. I hope the above plugin will suit all your requirements.


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