Yoast SEO review

Yoast SEO review: The best WordPress Plugin For On Page SEO

Yoast is the most popular SEO plugin of WordPress for a reason. It gives you tons of features to your site’s content, allows you to set up titles, meta descriptions, and social sharing information for every post and page. It lets you to set up a sitemap, adds some basic schema data, and is very user friendly. Let’s find Out more in this Yoast SEO review.

It’s so focused on on its User Interface that it hides most of the good stuff behind an Advanced menu view that you have to manually turn on to see. But what is all the good stuff? Let’s find out.

You can use custom variables to set up every title and meta tag on your site for pages and posts. For example, if you’re using a custom post type with custom fields, you can use the data from those custom fields to automatically use in your post / page titles and descriptions. That too without any programming knowledge.

What Is Yoast Seo Plugin?

SEO means how to rank your website on first page of google search engine result page. Yoast seo is the one of the most popular wordpress plugin to optimize your website on search engine result pages.  SEO means working organically and putting in right efforts to rank your website on first page of search engine.

Yoast SEO review

Yoast helps to do SEO of your website in other words content optimization. SEO is a wider term, there are many plugins that are available to optimize your website in search engines.

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that can be used for effortlessly optimizing your site and it’s pages for Google, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing (search engines).

SEO includes two techniques, on page seo and off page seo. Yoast SEO tool helps to fully optimize on page seo of the content. There is no doubt that Yoast is the best plugin for on page seo.

Mentioning statistically, WordPress SEO is easier than a HTML website’s seo. The content optimization plays a very critical role in enhancing a particular website’s ranking. Yoast tool makes the task the most easier to help you to perfectly optimize your content for search engines.

Till now, Yoast plugin has over 5 million successful activation installations.

Essential Features and Importance Of Yoast Plugin On Premium And Free basis

Yoast SEO Review
  • Get More Visitors From Search Engines- Yoast helps you to get more visitors from search engines like Bing  and Google
  • Attracts More Visitors From Social Media- Social media is the most popular way to generate traffic on your website. Yoast helps to attract more visitors from social media sites.
  • Increase Your Reader’s Engagement-One of the most important feature of Yoast seo is the increase in reader’s engagement at your website.
  • Keyword Optimization- Yoast Seo Premium tool allows you to set multiple keyword(upto 5) in your content. On free yoast you can only set one keyword.
  • Redirect Manager-This is the most essential feature that is available only for the premium users. Redirect manager helps to fix crawl errors, that is one of the most essential area that requires extensive acknowledgement.
  • Internal Link Suggestion- When you edit any post in wordpress, the yoast premium tool shows you the internal link suggestions on the right side of the dashboard.
  • Automatic Updates And Upgrades Available- Yoast’s philosophy is, “We update the Yoast SEO plugin every 2 weeks. That way you’re sure that your website is optimized for Google’s most recent version of its algorithm.”
  • Content Insights- Content insights features shows which words you have used on a page and yoast already counts how many times you have used your focused keywords which can be consider as a good point.

What are the cons of the Yoast SEO plugin?

Yoast plugin is good but not great. I think the suggestions it give are useful as general suggestions, but many people put too much emphasis on Yoast’s recommendations. Yoast’s recommendations always:

  • Encourage keyword stuffing
  • Don’t give importance to the LSI
  • Pokes you for silly things like “stop words in URL

And when it comes to readability, there are many things which SEO experts does not agree. For beginners, Yoast SEO is the best plugin. But you can do better even without the Yoast SEO plugin.

Yoast Plugin Comparison With Other Available Plugins

Yoast SEO vs All in One SEO:

After the Yoast Seo plugin,  All in one Seo is the second most popular Seo plugin available. It helps you to take care of the title character around 60 character and also meta description within 160 characters.

It does not show and check the readability exposure and analysis of the content. In comparison to yoast tool, All in one SEO tool has lesser features if one compares it with the yoast tool.

There’s no space for a doubt, that yoast is much better than All in one seo tool. All in one seo plugin supports XML sitemap support, easy google analytics integration, canonical error support, support for custom post types, and also automatic or manual meta information.

All in one Seo can be a good tool for beginners but if you are faced in a scenario in terms of which tool to prefer, I will suggest you that you should go for Yoast tool as it is much better than All in one SEO tool.

Everything has its own pros and cons in some or the other way. It just requires a wise man to analyze which cons to accept & which pros to accept.  

Yoast plugin also shows you if you have added the alt tag or not in the post images and also the internal links. All in one seo pack not support these features.

The SEO Framework Vs Yoast-Framework

The SEO Framework Vs Yoast-Framework is a SEO plugin that is used for making your content better for the search engines. The SEO framework plugin is not very popular yet.  Framework and yoast both tools provide same data but yoast also shows you the recommendations. Framework plugin includes six metrics in its rating interface.

The Yoast SEO only includes two metrics readability and SEO. If we compare yoast and framework, still yoast is much better because it provides recommendations and also more better features than the framework tool.

In the whole scenario, all these three plugins are good in their own way. If we speak about beginners then, yoast seo is the best plugin for them. Yoast helps you to practice on page again and again hence confirming that no detail misses the eyes,making it the best plugin for beginners.

Next plugin is framework it is mainly good for seo experts and for those who have great seo knowledge and experience. All in one SEO pack is perfect for those who do not have much knowledge of SEO world and want a simple plugin to just add title and meta description in word limit.

Many SEO experts have already recommended yoast is the best plugin to optimize your content. So, I would also want you to go with SEO expert’s advice that recommends that yoast is the best plugin for content optimization.

The SEO framework plugin has amazing rating of 4.9. Although this plugin is not too  popular yet but their customers are increasing day by day. Approx. 5000 to 10,000 users are using this plugin.


Yoast is one of the most downloaded plugin for wordpress websites all over the world. Yoast seo premium tool enables the user to create regular expressions or REGEX redirect where user can redirect group of URLs that contains certain words or expression with one can redirect. There is no redirect feature, if the work of the URL is changed.

One of the issue than one can face is many a times, the website speed can get slow if all the features get activated at one go. If we compare yoast, framework and all in one tool, the yoast plugin is still is the best seo plugin available and the features offered are much better than All in One as well as Framework plugin.

Yoast SEO tool helps you to target keywords in your content. All in one SEO is the simple plugin that does not support any features like Yoast and Framework.

If your purpose is content optimization, then I would highly recommend you to choose Yoast plugin and experience the best optimization of your website’s content according to its features.

If you do not know how the Yoast tool works, you can watch the free yoast tutorial videos and you will get all the relevant knowledge related to the tool, how to use videos and their best features. Or you can just drop a message to use and we will help you. 🙂

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